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Communication Skills
Communication Skills book PDF Free Download for Bachelors Classes. Here are some intro Communication Skills.
The ability to share or convey information to another effectively and efficiently with the audience. A Person with good verbal, non-verbal and written communication or gestures communication skills help facilitate the conveying of information between people.

Communication Skills Helping Material for Bachelor’s Degree PDF Free Download

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What is Communication, The Importance of Communication, Communication Skills. The Communication Process. Perspectives in Communication. Factors Affecting Communication Perspective. Language as a Representational System. Internal Representation of Our World: Visual, Auditory & 136 Kinaesthetic Representational System. Elements of Communication. Communication Styles. Listening: Self-Awareness, Pseudo Listening, Active Listening, Effective Listening, Total Listing. Types of Expression. Rules of Effective Expression. Body Language. Para-language and Meta-messages. Hidden Agendas. Language Models. Communication Styles. Assertiveness. Responding to Criticism. Making Contact. The Art of Conversation. Negotiations. Prejudgment. The Power of Validation. Validation Strategies. Influencing Others. Public Speaking. Preparing Formal Oral Presentations: Design elements, elements of effective Delivery, Tension & Nerves, Handle Questions, Handling Tough Situations, Common Mistakes & Their Remedies, Dealing with Unexpected Disasters, Presentation for International Audience, Dealing People with Disabilities. Interviewing. Elements of Effective Written Communication. Building Rapports.

Reference Materials Recommended By HEC

1. Effective Communication Skills, MTD Training & Ventus Publishing ApS. (2010) ISBN 978-87-7681-598-1 (TB1)
2. Messages: The Communication Skills Book by Matthew McKay PhD, Martha Davis PhD, and Patrick Fanning, New Harbinger Publications; 3rd Edition (March 3, 2009). ISBN-10: 1572245921
3. Secrets of Successful Presenters: A Guide for Successful Presenters by Dr. M. A. Pasha & Dr. S. Pasha, Lambert Academic Publishing (2012). ISBN-10:3659217557
4. Communication Skills in English by Prof P N Kharu, Dr Varinder Gandhi Publisher: Laxmi. EAN: 9788131806920
5. Essential Communication Skills, Teacher Edition with Talking Points by Patty Ann, Patty Ann; 1st Edition (July 5, 2012). ASIN: B008HYUDWQ

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