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He is an IT Student, Web Developer, and Graphics Designer. His interests range from Entrepreneurship to Technology. He is also interested in Programming, Web Development, Web Analytics and Outdoor activities.
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Object-oriented programming (OOP)Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm based on the concept of ``objects``, which may contain data, in the form of fields, often known as attributes; and code, in the form of procedures, often known as methods. #ultib3-19038534625db10600bfb80 { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-19038534625db10600bfb80 img.ultb3-img { height: px; } #ultib3-19038534625db10600bfb80 .ultb3-btn { border:2px solid #1e73be;border-radius:50px;color:#33000d; [...]
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Digital Logic DesignDigital Logic is the basis of electronic systems, such as computers and cell phones. Digital Logic is rooted in binary code, a series of zeroes and ones each having an opposite value. This system facilitates the design of electronic circuits that convey information, including logic gates. #ultib3-5449857845db10600d120a { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-5449857845db10600d120a img.ultb3-img { [...]
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Programming FundamentalsProgramming Fundamentals. About this course: Programming is an increasingly important skill, whether you aspire to a career in software development, or in other fields. This course is the first in the specialization Introduction to Programming in C, but its lessons extend to any language you might want to learn. #ultib3-1758262055db10600e0d80 { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-1758262055db10600e0d80 [...]
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Linear Algebra The foundational source in the gradual codification of Islamic ethics was the Muslim understanding and interpretations of the Qur'an and practices of Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Its meaning has always been in the context of active submission to God (Arabic: Allah), performed by the community in unison. #ultib3-9161613275db10600f1c9c { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-9161613275db10600f1c9c img.ultb3-img { height: [...]
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Linear Algebra Linear Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning linear equations such as. linear functions and their representations through matrices and vector spaces. #ultib3-18835501205db106010ab50 { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-18835501205db106010ab50 img.ultb3-img { height: px; } #ultib3-18835501205db106010ab50 .ultb3-btn { border:2px solid #1e73be;border-radius:50px;color:#33000d; } #ultib3-18835501205db106010ab50 .ultb3-btn:hover { background:#1e73be;color:#ffffff; } Linear Algebra Helping Material for Bachelor's Degree PDF Free Download Course [...]
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Technical and Business WritingBusiness & Technical writing is generally aimed at an audience with a base knowledge of the technical subject you are writing about, or at least a desire to #ultib3-5826237375db106011a58f { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-5826237375db106011a58f img.ultb3-img { height: px; } #ultib3-5826237375db106011a58f .ultb3-btn { border:2px solid #1e73be;border-radius:50px;color:#33000d; } #ultib3-5826237375db106011a58f .ultb3-btn:hover { background:#1e73be;color:#ffffff; } Business and [...]
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Communication SkillsCommunication Skills book PDF Free Download for Bachelors Classes. Here are some intro Communication Skills. The ability to share or convey information to another effectively and efficiently with the audience. A Person with good verbal, non-verbal and written communication or gestures communication skills help facilitate the conveying of information between people. #ultib3-19798913305db1060129c1b { min-height:50px; [...]
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Functional EnglishFunctional English Book PDF Free Download for Bachelors Classes. Here is some intro Functional English. The purpose of this course is to develop the English-language proficiency of perspective Bachelor's Students and to help them become confident in reading, writing, speaking and listening to the English language. #ultib3-6964342015db106013a9d5 { min-height:50px; } #ultib3-6964342015db106013a9d5 img.ultb3-img { height: [...]
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Discrete MathematicsDiscrete mathematics is very important to Computer Science Students. It describes the Importance of Binary Numbers and Logic Gates. All Computer System components work on the bases of Logic Gates. It is very important to study about the Logic System in Mathematics. Discrete mathematics describe the rule for the functions and numbers System. #ultib3-571639025db106014d6d8 [...]
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Probability and StatisticsProbability and Statistics PDF Download Free for Bachelors Classes. Here are some intro Statistics and Probability. Statistics is a process in which data optimization, inference, testing, and other methods for analyzing patterns and using them to predict. Probability is a chance to happning something about fundamental objects. It is related to living things. [...]
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