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Design and Analysis of Algorithms
In computer science, the analysis of algorithms is the determination of the computational complexity of algorithms, that is the amount of time, storage and/or other resources necessary to execute them. Usually, this involves determining a function that relates the length of an algorithm's input to the number of steps it takes (its time complexity) or the number of storage locations it uses (its space complexity). An algorithm is said to be efficient when this function's values are small, or grow slowly compared to a growth in the size of the input. Different inputs of the same length may cause the algorithm to have different behavior, so best, worst and average case descriptions might all be of practical interest. When not otherwise specified, the function describing the performance of an algorithm is usually an upper bound, determined from the worst case inputs to the algorithm.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

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Introduction; Asymptotic notations; Recursion and recurrence relations; Divide-and-conquer approach; Sorting; Search trees; Heaps; Hashing; Greedy approach; Dynamic programming; Graph algorithms; Shortest paths; Network flow; Disjoint Sets; Polynomial and matrix calculations; String matching; NP complete problems; Approximation algorithms

Reference Materials Recommended By HEC

1. Introduction to Algorithms, T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, and R. L. Rivest, MIT Press, McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition, New York, NY, 2010.
2. Algorithms in C++; Robert Sedgewick.tion by Avtar Singh.

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