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Introduction to Functional English

Functional English is practice of the English language wanted to complete a particular function. This is typically taught as a main subject as a high command of English is frequently required for educational study and career improvement. In some illustrations, a particular form of technical English may be needed for a distinct vocation such as Aviation English. Such specialized practice is known and taught as English for Specific Purposes.English for specific purposes is a subset of English as a secondary or foreign language. It usually introduces to teaching the English language to university students or people in employment, with evidence to the particular dictionary and skills they need. As with one language taught for particular purposes, a given program of ESP will concentrate on one job or profession, like Technical English, Scientific English, English for medicinal professionals, English for servants, English for tourism, etc. Despite the seemingly limited focus, a course of ESP can have a wide-ranging impact, as is the case with Environmental English.

English as a foreign or second language

English as a second or international language is the use of English by speakers with various native languages. Language education for people learning English may be associated as English as a second language, English as a international language, English as an additional language, or English for speakers of different languages. The aspect in which ESL is directed is called educating English as a international language.

The term “ESL” has been seen by some to designate that English would be of minor importance; for example, where English is used as a lingua franca in a multilingual country. The term can be a misnomer for some students who have studied several languages before learning English. The terms “English language learners”, and, more recently, “English learners” (EL), have been used instead, and the students’ native languages and practices are judged important.

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Sounds of words Punctuation. Pronunciation.
Basic grammar and syntax
Nouns their types and their usage.
Genders : Masculine and feminine
Singulars and plurals
Conjunctions their types and their usage.
Adjective; their types and their usage.
Verbs and Tenses Types and their usage

Adverbs ; their types and their usage

Fragments and incomplete sentences
Pronouns their types and their Usage
Sentences, Phrase , /paragraph
Topic and Comment Sentences
Translation English into Urdu

Best Recommended Functional English Books PDF, Tutorials and Notes for Universities:

Here is detailed list of best Functional English Books for Universities:

  • Functional English Grammar by Graham Lock
  • AQA Functional English Student Book: Pass  by David Stone
  • New Functional Skills English: City & Guilds  ‑ Study & Test Practice by Coordination Group Publications
  • Functional Skills: English Level 1 by Roslyn Whitley Willis

Free Functional English Books PDF, Notes and Helping Material to Download

Functional English Grammar by Graham Lock PDF Book

Functional English Grammar by Graham Lock PDF Book Latest Edition PDF Book free download

Building the Data Warehouse, 4th Edition, W. H. Inmon PDF BOOK

AQA Functional English Student Book_ Pass by David Stone PDF Book Latest Edition PDF Book free download

The Data Warehouse Toolkit, 2nd Edition Ralph Kimball and Margy Ross PDF Book

Functional Skills_ English Level 1 by Roslyn Whitley Willis PDF Book Latest Edition PDF Book free download

Functional English Video Tutorials

Functional English by Sara Romao

Functional English by Virtual Comsats

English Functional Language Lessons by Maltalingua – English Language School

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