2020’s Best Introduction to Information Technology Books, Course Data and Tutorials

Introduction to Information Technology

Information and communication technology is separate/enlarged term for information technology (IT) that emphasizes the role of consolidated communications and also the integration of telecommunications (wireless signals), computers moreover as important business computer code, middleware, warehouse, and sound.

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Basic Definitions & Concepts to Information Technology, Hardware, Number Systems, Computer Systems & Parts. Storage Devices, Software: Operating Systems, Programming and Application Software, Introduction to Programming, Databases and Information Systems, Data Communication & Networks, The Internet, Browsers and Search Engines, Email, Computing and Social Networking,  E-Commerce, Information Security and other issues

Best Recommended Introduction to Information Technoloogy Books in Universities:

Here is detailed list of books for Universities:

  •  Introduction to Computers by Peter, N. McGraw-Hill Latest Edition.
  • Using Information Technology: A Practical Introduction to Computer & Communications by Williams, S. McGraw-Hills Latest Edition.
  •  Computers, Communications & information: A user’s introduction by E. Hutchinson. Stacey, Sarah, C. Swayer Latest Edition.
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology by  Alexis L Mathewsleon Leon Press Latest Edition.

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Introduction to Information & Communications Technology

Introduction to information and communication in education

Information and Communication Technology

Introduction to Information Technology Video Tutorials

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