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Technical and Business Writing
Business & Technical writing is generally aimed at an audience with a base knowledge of the technical subject you are writing about, or at least a desire to

Business and Technical Writing

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Overview of technical reporting, use of library and information gathering, administering questionnaires, reviewing the gathered information; Technical exposition; topical arrangement, exemplification, definition, classification and division, casual analysis, effective exposition, technical narration, description and argumentation, persuasive strategy, Organizing information and generation solution: brainstorming, organizing material, construction of the formal outline, outlining conventions, electronic communication, generation solutions. Polishing style: paragraphs, listening sentence structure, clarity, length and order, pomposity, empty words, pompous vocabulary, document design: document structure, preamble, summaries, abstracts, table of contents, footnotes, glossaries, cross-referencing, plagiarism, citation and bibliography, glossaries, index, appendices, typesetting systems, creating the professional report; elements, mechanical elements and graphical elements. Reports: Proposals, progress reports, Leaflets, brochures, handbooks, magazines articles, research papers, feasibility reports, project reports, technical research reports, manuals and documentation, thesis. Electronic documents, Linear versus hierarchical structure documents.

Reference Materials Recommended By HEC

1. Technical and Business Writing for Working Professionals, Ray E. Hardesty, Xlibris Corporation, 15-Dec-2010, ISBN = 1456819402
2. Successful Technical Writing/Instructor’s Guide, Bill Wesley Brown, Goodheart-Willcox Publisher, 01-Mar-193-Technology and Engineering.

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