Thomas Calculus PDF Free Download for Bachelor’s Degree

thomas calculus pdf free
Thomas Calculas
Thomas Calculus PDF Free Download for Bachelors Classes. Here is some intro Thomas Calculus.
Thomas Calculus is a name of Book which is Written by George B. Thomas, Maurice D. Weir and Joel Hass.

Thomas Calculas Helping Material for Bachelor’s Degree PDF Free Download

Course Contents for Thomas Calculus Recommended by HEC


This Outline Content depends Upon University Course:

Complex Numbers, DeMoivre’s Theorem and its Applications, Simple Cartesian Curves, Functions and Graphs, Symmetrical Properties, Curve Tracing, Limit and Continuity, Differentiation of Functions. Derivative as Slope of Tangent to a Curve and as Rate of Change, Application to Tangent and Normal, Linearization, Maxima/Minima and Point of Inflexion, Taylor and Maclaurin Expansions and their convergence; Integral as Anti-derivative, Indefinite Integration of Simple Functions. Methods of Integration

The concepts of efficiency, reliability and accuracy of a method; Minimizing computational errors; Theory of Differences, Difference Operators, Difference Tables, Forward Differences, Backward Differences and Central Differences. Mathematical Preliminaries, Solution of Equations in one variable, Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation, Numerical Differentiation and Numerical Integration, Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations, Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems, Iterative Techniques in Matrix Algebra, Solution of non-linear equations.

Functions of Several Variables and Partial Differentiation. Multiple Integrals, Line and Surface Integrals. Green’s and Stoke’s Theorem. Fourier Series: periodic functions, Functions of any period P-2L, Even & odd functions, Half Range expansions, Fourier Transform; Laplace Transform, Z-Transform.

Reference Materials Recommended By HEC

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edition. Brooks/Cole Publishers. 2. Calculus, 7
th edition.2002. John Wiley and Sons (WIE).
3. Calculus, William, E. Boyce .Richard, C. Diprima. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN:
4. Calculus and Analytical Geometry 10th edition. Thomas, F. John Wiley and
5. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 7
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Wiley & Sons Inc.

Thomas Calculus PDF Free Download with  Multiple Course Helping Material.

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